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The immune system is paramount to defend the organism against infectious pathogens and cancer, but immune responses can also inflict tissue damage that may be the cause of disease. We aim to understand the molecular mechanisms determining the quality and the dynamics of immune responses in tissues to infectious pathogens and cancer cells. The Institute´s research groups focus on characterizing microenvironment-specific cues relevant to immune cell functions. Our vision is to unravel the mechanistic determinants of protective immunity in tissues that safeguard us from disease. Using state-of-the-art technologies to image and dissect the function of immune cells in tissues at the molecular level, the research groups study the interplay between tissue cells and immune cells in different organs and disease settings to understand immune cell communication in tissues and how this influences tissue-specific immunity. Together with our (inter)national academic collaboration partners as well as partners in industry and biotech, we aim to translate our mechanistic understanding of tissue-specific immune responses into clinical applications for predictive diagnostics of immune-associated diseases or targeted immune therapies. 


Percy A. Knolle, M.D.

Director, Institute of Molecular Immunology

School of Medicine and Health & School of Life Science, TUM


Prof. Dr. Percy A. Knolle
Professor of Molecular Immunology
Institut für Molekulare Immunologie
Ismaninger Straße 22
81675 München