Graduate and post-graduate studies

Viral and non-viral gene transfer: methods and applications in research and therapy (ME2090): ( This course is supervised by Martina Anton.

Module “Presentation and discussion of innovative approaches in viral gene technology” (Seminar and term paper (WZme2670): This course is supervised by Martina Anton.

Immune cell phenotyping course:  This is a one-week hands-on workshop offered to students enrolled in one of the Medical Graduate Center (MGC) doctoral programs of the School of Medicine. It is offered twice a year and supervised by several group leaders within the institute of immunology.

Molecular oncology courses are provided by the  Krüger Lab for TUM-students of Medicine, the Ph.D. program ‘Life Science and Technology’, Radiation Biology, Biology, Molecular Biotechnology, Nutrition and Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Physics, and Chemistry.  For more information of the courses provided see here.